Photography by T. L. "Tom" Cubbage II

These are some more of my "Scenic Decor" Images

"Scenic Decor Fine-Art Images #1"

I began my career as a serious photographer in the summer of 1957. I was just graduated from high school and determined to broaden myself by spending the summer traveling and photographing in Europe. That was in the time before backpacking and life was simpler then. One could travel well on five dollars a day, and it proved to be a magical time. (See examples at Summer 1957 Page.) A year in Saigon at the end of the next decade gave me new opportunities to develop my photographic eye (see examples at Vietnam 1967-68 Page.) More recently, numerous trip around the United States, and to Europe in the autumn, added to my collection of fine-art scenic images.

Over the years I have learned that trying to get the perfect shot of the entire sweep of something like the Alps is not always the most satisfying approach. The weather is not always cooperative, but I have learned to avoid letting that be a big bother. Getting up close, and out in the rain and mist, also affords great possibilities and I have tried to exploit them as best I can.

A friend of mine, who owns a painting gallery, told me several years ago that there was a real need for original scenic art that could be used a decor art. She thought that I have the eye for that sort of imagery.

These are some of the images from my scenic decor art work collections.

"Scenic Decor Art" - Gallery I

"New Ivy, Old Wall"
(Dürnstein, Austria, 1993) © 1997 Tom Cubbage (AU120810.jpg)

"Matterhorn from the Portico"
(Zermatt, Switzerland, 1989) © 1997 Tom Cubbage (SW162723.jpg)

"Castle Door"
(Schloos Fuschl, Austria, 1993) © 1997 Tom Cubbage (AU120839.jpg)

"Pilgram's Cross & Roses"
(Salzburg, Austria, 1995) © 1997 Tom Cubbage (AU162780.jpg)

"Artist's Studio"
(Dürnstein, Austria, 1993) © 1997 Tom Cubbage (AU120811.jpg) (NFS)

"Roman Bust"
(Vienna, Austria, 1993) © 1997 Tom Cubbage (AU120845.jpg)

"Hall of Mirrors"
(Herrinkimsee, Germany, Oct., 1993) © 1997 Tom Cubbage (GR120850.jpg)

"Cat on Capri"
(At Blue Grotto, on Capri, Italy, Oct., 1995) © 1997 Tom Cubbage (IT162770.jpg)

All images: Copyright 1997 by T. L. "Tom" Cubbage II - All Rights Reserved

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