Photography by T. L. "Tom" Cubbage II

Important Notice Concerning Nude Figure Art;

If nudity offends, you should not look at any portfolio with a nudity lablel.


Many of the images displayed in the Portfolio pages contain nudity.

Therefore, if you believe that the male and female nude forms, two of the masterpieces of God's creation, are offensive to you, or if your government has made it illegal for you to view images of the nude figure based on age (and you are too young), or for religious, political, or other reasons, then I instruct you not to view these Portfolio pages!

By continuing into the listed Portfolio areas that contain nude images, you solemnly agree, under penalty of perjury, that you are of legal age, and are under no other bar, as determined by law or your community standards, to view fine art nude figure art images.

Legal notice Per 18 USC 2257:

Most images on this site were produced after July 3, 1995 and are thus subject to the requirements of Title 18 USC 2257. The Custodian of Records for these images is T. L. Cubbage II and the records are available for review at reasonable hours by proper authorities at 2325 Windsor Way, S.E., Bartlesville, Oklahoma, 74006.

All models photographed nude or partially clothed were at least 18 years of age when photographed.

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