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Here is how to be a model for Tom Cubbage

So, You Might Want To Model For Me

Are you interested in modeling? Figure modeling is something some do full time, others as a part time activity, but some do just once once or twice in a lifetime. Could one of these images you have seen in this galley be you? Well, why not?

Now that you have seen some samples of my portrait, fine-art, and figure work, how would you like to appear on these pages, or in my limited edition, signed prints in an art gallery exhibition, or maybe in a book of photographs? Or maybe you would like some high quality prints just for yourself, or maybe for someone special to you. I am constantly searching for new and fresh models to work with in creating new and exciting images. Fine-art photos are a collaboration; they can't be done without good models.

If the idea is intriguing, contact me by e-mail, telephone or regular mail and lets talk about it. There is never any pressure and I never try to "talk you into'' posing. The photo shoot sessions are always in private, with only a makeup artist sometimes present, depending on what we are doing. You are more than welcome to bring a chaperone with you to be present during the shoot. In fact this is encouraged, but not required. Chaperones are welcome in the studio shooting room during the session, as long as they are not disruptive or distracting. I asked a husband to leave once because every time I set up a shot the model looked at him and he gave her a yes or no look. My rule is simple, only one person is in charge of the creative aspects of the shoot and that is me.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions for new models)

What age should I be?

If you are under 18, don't even think about it! If you are under 21, it depends on how mature I believe you are. You will have to convince me of your maturity and provide a photo ID to be photocopied. Aside from that, age is not important; some of my models have been 18 or 19, others have been in their 40's and 50's.

What should I look like for a shoot?

If you have a proportioned figure and a moderately attractive face, then I am interested in you. I'm interested in real people. Every photographer likes to work with a glamorous, super beauty, of course, but often a woman that is too beautiful can overpower a fine-art figure image. The really "perfect" models are average women; someone who could be the lady next door (in fact most are). A perfect body isn't at all necessary. Things like stretch marks, surgical scars, or tattoos can often be worked around so they are not a problem In fact with digital enhancement most blemishes and body art can be made to disappear. Experience is also not an important factor. I have photographed professional models and also rank beginners. Many of my models are volunteers who were photographed nude for the first time by me; they had seen some of my work with their friends and decided they wanted to be a model too. None has ever regretted doing a shoot.

What's an fine-art Photo shoot like?

The sessions are a lot of fun for everyone. They are relaxed and casual, with coffee, soft drinks, or a glass of wine or champagne available (if you are of age). I have found that most new models are very nervous at first, but don't want to stop when the end of the session comes; they are having too much fun. An average shoot last about four hours. There is a private changing and makeup area, with robes available and frequent breaks in the action to relax and change the pace. Music is always on during the shoots (whatever seems right). Most of the shooting is done in a studio shooting area. For the more adventurous types, an outdoor shoot is always possible, provided the light and weather conditions are right and privacy can be assured.

I'm bashful and wouldn't want my face to show.

Hiding a face is not a problem at all. As you can see in the images, some of my work is by intent, anonymous. If being recognized is a problem, it can easily be arranged so that your face either does not show at all, or it is de-emphasized and minimized.

How do I arrange a session with you?

First, since I'm in Bartlesville, OK, be in or near Tulsa, or find your way here. If you are not in the area, contact me so we can discuss the possibility that I might be in your area. Second, I like to shoot in the Santa Fe area, so if you live there let me know and we can visit or do an audition shoot the next time I am in New Mexico.

Most importantly, contact me for an appointment before you come, preferably by e-mail with a photo attached or at least a detailed description of yourself. If you can't use e-mail, then feel free to call or write. Click here to see how to contact me.

What I am uncomfortable with a pose?

There are two ways of being uncomfortable. Sometime, because of stretching into some contorted positions, the poses are physically uncomfortable, . When that happens, let me know and we'll take a break so you can stretch out stiff muscles, or just relax for a few minutes. Sometimes a pose is uncomfortable because of the nature of the pose.

In my work, the model always has a last say about how we shoot. If you feel a pose I suggest is too revealing, or too erotic, just let me know and I'll explain what I am doing and what the pose is about. If you are still uncomfortable with the pose, then we simply move on to something else with no argument. I want my models to be pleased with the session so they will want to come back and want tell others about what fun it was. Since some of the models sign releases, this form of on-the-spot censorship works best for all concerned.

What if I discover, after starting a nude session that I'm too embarrassed and decide I really don't want to do it.

No problem. Let me know early in the session that you are unhappy. We will stop immediately and destroy the film, or erase the disk or the shots you are unhappy with; but let me know your feelings as soon as possible. The last thing I want is for a model to feel embarrassed and regret doing a session. In truth, however, it often happens that a model is not sure she wants to model nude, but decides she wants to do it after we have worked for a short while and she has seen some of the images (one of the advantages of shooting with a digital camera is the immediate feedback)..

Are the sessions rushed and hectic?

Absolutely not; not ever. I calculate how much time I believe will be needed for the session, depending on what we plan to do, then double it. There is always plenty of time and never a feeling of being rushed or hurried. Usually a session lasts about four hours. In the first hour we talk about what the shooting plans are for the day, then the model gets ready. The actual shoot takes about two of the remaining three hours. The rest is break time.

Suppose after seeing the pictures, I am uncomfortable with a pose. I may feel it is too explicit.

First, my art is not erotic, like you see in some men's magazines. I leave that sort of work to others. If we are shooting with film, you will either see or receive a copy of the proof sheets from the shoot and review them with me. At that time, if you believe a pose is embarrassing to you, let me know and I will strike through it and not use it. Remember, since it is your likeness in the photo, your input is important. I believe you have the right to express an opinion about how you are photographed. When you view the proof sheets is the time to express your concerns so we can make decisions. After enlargements are made, it's too late to reject a specific image.

Second, if we are shooting with digital cameras, my practice is to review the images with the subject after every eight to twelve shots. If you don't like a shot we erase it.

What happens if after the shoot, my husband or significant other is unhappy and wants the pictures destroyed?

That's a problem you two need to work out in advance. If there is someone important in your life who may object, I strongly suggest you discuss it before doing the shoot. If posing nude is going to be a problem for you, don't ever do a shoot. Basically its your problem and none of my business.

I ask my models to sign releases before a shoot; once the shoot is done, then it's done. I invest a substantial amount of my time and money in these shoots and can't throw that away. It is up to you to work that out in advance. This may be art, but it is also business.

I'm an entertainer and may need photos for my own publicity.

No problem. Let me know and we can arrange usage. I have done publicity pictures for numerous entertainers. Read the question about remuneration.

I'm interested in posing, but am concerned about being nude in front of someone I don't know.

This is an easy one. Feel free to bring someone with you as a chaperone. Your guest will be welcome in the studio during the shoot, as long as he or she is not disruptive or distracting.

Most often a new model will come with a friend who has modeled for me before. I work with the more experienced model first and then, toward the end of the session, I do an audition shoot with the new person.

If your hair, a hand, foot, or something about your body or clothing needs to be adjusted, I'll tell you what needs to be done. If, for some reason something needs adjusting, I'll tell you and ask permission to approach. I will never touch you without asking your permission. This is one aspect of my artistic professionalism that make a shoot comfortable for a model.

What's in it for me as a model?

If I am doing a commercial shoot then some form of remuneration will be available, but most of my fine-art figure work is not for a business client. Now days I am creating mostly fine-art prints and I am not paying my models. What I am doing is working with models who are willing to trade their time for prints and photo CD's, and for the experience they get from just working with a professional photographer. At the same time I am willing to provide models with a royalty payment on the sale of any of the images they appear in. If a model wants to hire me to do a portfolio shoot, then I will work with them at reduced rates if they also will model for me when the come to do their portfolio shoot.

I would love to have pictures of myself for me or as a present for my loved one, but wouldn't want them to be published.

That's easy, don't call me as a model. Instead, contact me as a client. You would be surprised how inexpensive some great personal photos can be. For my clients, I offer a written guarantee that no prints will ever be made without your express written consent. As a client, the photos will be as conservative, or as sensual as you like.

I'm interested. How can I contact you?

The particulars are on the How to Contact Tom Page. Just click on that blue lined text and you will go directly to that page for the details.

You sound like such a nice guy, I may fall in love with you.

Pardon my chuckle! Well, sorry, in 1962, Linda beat you to me. What you will love is the experience of being a model. And, I think that you will also love the photographs you receive. Every woman deserves the opportunity to know just how beautiful she can look.

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I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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