Photography by T. L. "Tom" Cubbage II

These are some more of my "Sensual Figure" Images

"Sensual Figures #1"

A Woman's Body - One of three Perfect Shapes: Edward and I both agreed with the view of a Greek friend of ours, Jean Varda, who was fond of saying there were three perfect shapes in the world .... the hull of a boat, a violin and a woman's body. —Charis Wilson, in Edward Weston Nudes.

I understand that view. I have always loved the beauty of the female body form. I appreciate the use of the nude female form as a means of artistic expression, even though I often clothe or drape a model for effect.

I was asked one day, by a friend, why I liked to do female figure work. I told him something that at the time seemed to make sense. But, some time later, while reading an article in Southwest Art, I discovered the real answer. The words of the painter Steve Hanks sum up my feeling about why I like to photograph women.

"People often ask me why I paint so many women. The answer is that these are not simply paintings of women. They are paintings of emotions. Men are taught to not show their feelings, to project a certain preconceived idea of masculinity. Women express a far more subtle range of intimacy and vulnerability and they carry more storytelling ability, more magic in them." —Steve Hanks, quoted in Southwest Art, August 1997, p. 34.

I felt this, and deep down I knew it, but he put it perfectly into words. To learn more of how my see my voice and vision as a photographer, see my Vision Page.

Included here are some of my senusal figure studies. Other figure work, which depict nude figures, is contained elsewhere in this virtual gallery.

"Sensual Figures " - Gallery I

"Neysa 2"
(Studio, Bartlesville, OK, 1996) 1997 Tom Cubbage (NE225784.jpg)

"Neysa and White Veil #1"
(Studio, Bartlesville, OK, 1996) 1997 Tom Cubbage (NE250522.jpg)

"Nicole's Back"
(Studio, Bartlesville, OK, 1996) 1997 Tom Cubbage (NMAd0062.jpg)
A digital camera image at 640 x 480 pixel resoution.

(On Location, Tulsa, OK, Nov., 1994) 1997 Tom Cubbage (SG2276/91.jpg)

(On Location, Tulsa, OK, Nov., 1994) 1997 Tom Cubbage (KP227694.jpg)

"Country Girl"
(Studio, Bartlesville, OK, May, 1996) 1997 Tom Cubbage (NE436180.jpg)

"Shelly With Shawl"
(Studio, Bartlesville, OK, May, 1996) 1997 Tom Cubbage (SK073945.jpg)

(La Posada, Santa Fe, NM, Jun., 1996) 1997 Tom Cubbage (IL073824.jpg)

(Studio, Bartlesville, OK Jul., 1997) 1997 Tom Cubbage (NMAd0098.jpg)

(Studio, Bartlesville, OK, Sep., 1997) 1997 Tom Cubbage (MM091004.jpg)

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