Photography by T. L. "Tom" Cubbage II

These are some reactions to my images and vision.

"Viewer's Comments"

I know what my vision is, and when I post a photo to my pages I am saying that I liked what I did. When I receive feedback from the viewers I gain all sorts of new and exciting insights about how my work effects others. Artists need feedback, whether in the form of praise or criticism. What I like best are comments that tell how a visit to my site made a viewer feel, and what they thought about the images in general or certain photos in particular. Also like the comments I receive when I am mentoring others.

Here are what some of of the comments I have received between 1997 and early 2002. The newer ones are at the top of the list. I should have started this list earlier and updated it more often because I am certain that I have missed some of the comments that should go here. I stopped posting comments in 2002: by then I had seen enough to know I was on the right tract with this virtual gallery.

"It's one of the best sites I've ever seen. I really like the addition of the music. It compliments your images and adds to the surreal quality of your images.".— Bill 2/11/02 (Note: the music was dropped in 2004.)

"I like your photos, serenity, peaceful, good light." — Dave 1/24/02

"First and foremost I'd like to say that your photography is absolutely stunning.  It is tastefully erotic.  A far cry from the stuff people normally see. *** I am very intrigued by your photography. It is a breath of fresh air. Thank you." — Megan 1/19/02

"While taking a break from photographing my beautiful wife in B/W I decided to do some surfing on the computer. I found your site and was greatly impressed with your work. **** You are a great photographer and I wonder why I haven't seen your work before. I guess that I did not pay enough attention to what is going on in the business. ***" — Chuck 1/18/02

"Hey, I was just surfing around the internet looking for images and I stumbled across your web site. Your photography is really good. I also noticed that you have/had a studio in good 'ol Bartlesville. I was born and raised there for 12 years. *** Anyways, I just wanted to drop you a line, it was just weird to see someone from Bartlesville. Thanks for your time!" Amber 12/21/01

"You were in Vietnam before I born, but Vietnam is very much the same as those pictures you took in 1967. Thanks for sharing your work." Brian 8/13/01

"I think your photography is phenomenal and exquisite. It is a God given talent to capture a spirit on camera — which you seem to do— and beautifully [in the Dances With Ghosts series]." — Marilee Wilkinson (poet) 5/13/01

"[Just finished looking at the American Beauty series.] These were all beautiful images Tom. Hard to believe they came from a digital camera. You are expanding your horizons! They are beautiful!" — Geri Moore (photographer) 5/7/01

"As always Tom, your images evoke in me a sense of awe and wonder; an uncomfortable, but yet comfortable feeling at the same time, and yet also an appreciation of the female form and majesty. You seem to capture an eerie quality to the female form; one that makes an impression, and an appreciation as the image is viewed and studied." — Mark Ittleman (photographer) 3/27/01

"I think your website is awesome. I am a more novice photographer and direction on what you did to achieve each image is beyond helpful, and helps to explore the options on experimentation. The models are great as well. *** You have a great creative [spirit] and wanted to let you know how good you are" — Lawrence Brown 2/3/01

"I was searching the ART pages on the net and discovered your Web Page. Your work literally took my breath away. I really tuned into it and felt the emotion you speak of in your vision statement. Your work with nude models provoked extreme inner tension making me feel as though I was there in your place, camera in hand. *** I have been an amateur photographer since ... 1965. I love experimenting with light and color especially in a natural setting. I have never really appreciated black and white photography, but yours really impressed me. Your work has been an inspiration to me to perhaps more seriously pursue the art of photography. So, Thank you for placing so much of your work on line." — Alan S. Helmore 2/3/01

" *** Lo and Behold! I was afforded the pleasure of visiting your site and experiencing your work. I really had an extraordinary experience during my brief view. I have bookmarked your site and will return. I feel as though I had a privileged experience of your mind. Wonderful concepts and execution." — Charles R. Hinds 2/2/01

I was wondering if you know of any other artist who works with Cherokee Indians as you do in your "Dances with Ghosts" series. I love the series and love the spiritual feeling of these amazing people. If you could direct me to anyone else who works with them, that would be much appreciated. A Loyal Fan.  — Adam 1/19/01

"Thanks for the letter! Sorry it took so long to answer. It got lost in my list of emails that I need to get to. What a great web site you have and what great images!! *** I hope we get to meet again. Possibly when I visit my sister in Bartlesville. Possibly in Mexico." — Phil Borges (photographer), 11/14/00

"I came across your work via the F Stops Here. Your work is fantastic!! I'm a working pro from L.A. who just recently moved to New Mexico. I've been a commercial/advertising photographer for well over 20 years (Sharper Image and the DAK catalog) and I'm working towards going back to my roots of fine art 4x5 and 8x10 b/w. Thanks for the inspiration! There is art after photographic BS." — Ted Marks (photographer, LA), 11/12/00

"I have enjoyed looking at your page, particularly the Black and white and the double exposure images. Thank you." — Marie, 11/10/00

"I enjoy your work very much. I am a psychologist and a photographer. People say I am a sensitive and delicate artist in my therapy and photography. They say I am lyric and romantic. I think that is what you are." — Zvi Toren (photographer, Israel), 11/3/00

"Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed your work on the web site. Clearly, you are a master of your craft and perhaps one day we can meet. You see with the eyes of your soul." — Barclay Cook (Oregon). 10/9/00

"I really like that shot [of Patti you took in September] — very spare and yet quite vivid! things are hectic right now — I'm keeping very busy with the daily duties of mom-life." — Melanie Merle (former model, Tulsa), 9/28/00

"Thanks for the report on your photo session here on campus [on September 9th], and for sending along [some of your digital] images for me to see. It looks as though it was a very successful shoot with Patti." — Reid Callanan (Director, Santa Fe Workshops), 9/23/00

"I'm a photographer in the LA area and was looking up a site for Greg Gorman and your name came up . Love your work. I especially like the Vietnam series. It's amazing how with all the turmoil going on, you could see some beauty in the tragedy. Keep up the great work!" — Barbara Kaufman (photographer, Los Angeles) 8/16/00

"When at some times I look at the photos on your web site I receive great pleasure. Many thanks for your discussion of my work!" — Alexandra Nelipa (photographer, Crimea in the Ukraine) 8/9/00

"Well, you were right - what an incredible week [at the] Santa Fe Workshop. It surpassed all my expectations. So many times I thought, 'Tom taught us about that.' It was so good to have heard so many things before. All the people in our class came to learn to manually use their cameras. There were many different ability levels, so I didn't feel too dumb. Wendy [Walsh] was unbelievable — it's too bad she doesn't have more classes. We've requested a "Not So Beginner" class from her next year. *** We're anxious to show off our slides. It really does something for you when your teachers get excited over your pictures. The slide show at the end [of the workshop] was SO much fun. You were right - about everything. We were very well fed and it TASTED GOOD! Now we just have to keep the momentum going." — Lisa Traylor (novice photographer, Bartlesville, OK) 7/29/00

" Your story [of the shoot with Miriam in 1996] is so powerful that I found I was holding my breath as I read. Your description of your experience with Mariam is a true confirmation of faith. I wish I were able to sit down with you to discuss your spirituality." — Carla Wilhelm Cherry, 7/12/00

"I want to say I loved your site. In particular the photos of Maria [at the waterfall]. I was transfixed by them. Yes it's true I found her to be beautiful, but also there was something about her, just like you were saying in the caption that she really belonged there. You could 10,000 other models in the same situation and it might not transfix me, (interest me yes; transfix me no) so she was something else. Good work!" — Derek (model, Washington), 7/8/00

"Tom ... carefully viewed all ... love at first SIGHT. Eyes focus on the mind ... bodies blend with background ... stunning and provocative work. I am moved by your interplay of images and IDEAS. Here I SEE THE MYSTIQUE, AND DRAMA OF THE HUMAN FIGURE. Here, I READ YOUR MIND. MELANIE and STEVEN were amazing. My sister ... writes for the Taos News, Tempo, I will pass along your name ... if she doesn't already know it. Thanks...more than I can say." — Tom Gore, (Mirage Books, Senior Editor, Michigan) 7/2/00

"I visit your site often and enjoy your work, especially the stuff from Santa Fe. I participated in Elizabeth Opalenik's workshop last summer, the same one where Sara Schmidt took the photo's that are on the guest artist page on your website."— Bob DeWeese (photographer), 6/24/00

"Thank YOU so much, Tom! You are right ... it was a great day. I don't know when I have had so much fun! I am so excited about doing this and at the same time I also get somewhat frustrated when my pictures don't come out as the beauties that they seem in the lens! Anyway, I need to quit thinking about that and remember that you do have to shoot MANY pics before you get a really good one. Also, there are many things to remember, but I am just trying to let it come as it does. The more I take the pictures the more I will learn, being a visual learner/hands on learner. *** Thank you so much for your time. Lisa and I both appreciate you mentoring us more than you can know."— Nancy Woods (novice photographer, Bartlesville, OK), 6/16/00

"I've just visited your website with photographs and I was enchanted and fascinated! Your works are marvelous, in my opinion true artistic jewels." — Pegas (photographer, Germany), 6/9/2000

"I have e-mailed you in the past stating how much I liked your photos. I just recently visited your updated your website and I like all the changes and new pictures that you have posted. The models are great and all of the pictures show their figures wonderfully. All of them have different shapes and each one is beautiful in her own way." — Mark (Oklahoma City), 6/3/00

"Thanks for your excellent "reflections" about your work and about your philosophy! It is so easy for me to understand and learn a lot from your words, and it is so difficult for me to express to you my gratitude for your letters. I have a lot of things to learn, and your comments teach me the right philosophy and the deep way to consider the art of photography.
I do not know if you understand my words, but you are helping me a lot in my passion. *** You are perfectly right about the fact that 'it is by expressing what we feel over time about our work, or even a particular day's shoot, that we will in time come to understand our personal voice and vision about our personal art.' In Italy is the same, we say 'Voce e Visione' and this is the feeling of a good photography. *** I am very happy to know that There is a theory called "the genius principle" that premises that it is only after we have been working at something for ten years that we begin to work and understand instinctually. I have been taking nude picture since 6 years, and I look forward to pass this four years remaining to understand instinctually!!! *** Thank you Tom for the reflection about your model, it is deeply interesting and reflexive, I fell the same thinks about my models, but I am not able to write and to express them." — Gabriele Rigon (photographer, Italy), 5/7/00

"I got a chance to see your work and I must say you have a great site.... My favorites are the new torso series and the way you colored the images in PhotoShop ... what a unique style." — Rick Dohler (photographer), 4/29/00

"I am enjoying browsing through your site. It looks great! I especially love "The Blue Veil" and the icy blue shots. I did a few color self-portraits last spring, one of them being "Blue." It was such fun! I also was intrigued by Sara's work. *** Thank you for sharing with me." — Jennie (photographer), 4/24/00

"Just wanted to let you know how much I like Charcoal Sketch #2. It's great to see images depicting intimacy and friendship between female subjects treated tastefully and with respect. Beautiful work, seeming to speak in terms of unselfish and unashamed love, caring and spirituality." — Nick, 4/23/00

"I have just discovered your site — what a gem. Thank you for sharing your marvelous gift with us all. I was especially enthralled by the "Dreaming of Georgia - Figure Gallery 1" doorway images of Patti. Images 10-15 (in my humble opinion) constitute some of the best B&W fine art figure work of this kind that I have seen. The setting, the lighting and the beauty of Patti combine in a tapestry of rich visual delight — stunning! *** Once again, thank you for the excellent site." — Howard Nowlan (photographer, England). 4/14/00

"I can't believe how wonderful a job you have done with the web site and the photos you have taken. Your imagination and creativity was something to behold. Recently my interest in photography, as a hobby and creative outlet, has been rekindled. The beauty of your art and photos almost made me weep, not an easy thing to do. I would say more but the superlatives won't do justice. *** PS I loved the Georgia O'Keeffe work." — Tom Hansen (photographer), 3/6/00

"You really have the feeling. Thanks for the nice moments viewing your photos." — Odilon Lucas (Rio de Janeiro Brazil), 1/1/00

"I have greatly enjoyed my first visit to your site today. I am a campus minister and occasionally do life drawing as a hobby. I want you to know that your nudes are the most dignifying I have yet to observe. You honor your models through your presentation, preserving their humanity. I am working on a spiritual theology of the artist-model relationship, and would be pleased if you would be willing to read it and offer comments. It will probably be a couple weeks before I have it ready. God's rich blessing to you as you continue your work!" — Christian Anible, 12/22/99

"Let me just say that your work is fantastic. Above and beyond that, I truly appreciate the fact that you discuss the techniques and media utilized in your art. As an amateur, I find your discussions to be an invaluable resource. I was especially impressed with the "Dances with Ghosts" exhibit and the related discussion. What beautiful tones you achieved in these photographs. Thank you for sharing your "accident", as you put it, with us. You and your site are an inspiration for me." — Dan Dixon, 12/15/99

"In your 'dreaming Georgia' series] you captured Stieglitz's moody black and white's perfectly, and his surreal lighting. I enjoyed the pictures immensely and I think the collaboration with Patti Levey was very successful. She doesn't have the eyes of O'Keeffe ... but she certainly has the class and style." — Jessica, 11/22/99

"I especially love the contrasts of your work — the warm/cold, soft/hard, gentle/rugged. I sometimes wish I were as beautiful as your models and then had someone as creative as you to take pictures. Thank you for sharing them on your web site to those of us who would have never been able to see them otherwise!" — Pollyanna, 3/31/99

"I certainly enjoyed viewing the fruits of your labors as a photographer. I had no idea that within that suit of legal armor there was a creative, sensitive and emotional soul. The photos are fantastic. One of my favorites is the "Matterhorn from the Portico" in Switzerland. Keep pouring your creativity and soul through the lens." — Glenn Davis, 1/8/98

"I just spent a delightful hour (or so) visiting your Website. I was really moved by your spiritual autobiography. The photographs which I viewed (and there are more for me to enjoy of my next "visit") were—what shall I say—beautiful (that term seems to fall so short of the emotional quality that they portray). I truly enjoyed them. You are quite a talented artist. And I love how the Lord is working in your life." —Carole Jernigan, 1/8/98

"Tom, after visiting your site a few more times, I realize that if I wanted to comment on every facet of your photography, it would take me months to write you—your site is stunning. I love your work with light, freedom and fabric dancing with the women in the barefoot and dances with ghosts portraits. I love your photography ... the models, although stunning, have a depth which the camera caught ... and although many of the photos are sensual and sexy, your photography never made me think "sex object" and that is a true compliment Tom. Thank you for photographing women the way you do." — Whitney Allen, 1/5/98

"Your work is wonderful.... I haven't seen all of it but you have a gift for sure. All I could think of that it made me feel spiritual.... It's a beautiful collection." — Donna, 1/5/98

"I have reviewed your website and think your nude images of the female models are very beautiful!." — Allison Chien (Dallas Model), 1/4/98

"You have some great photography on your pages. Thanks for sharing it." — Sharon Morris (Professional Model). 1/4/99

"I just visited IFA and reviewed your website. I wanted to tell you how impressed I was ... it is indeed a first-class presentation, as is the photography displayed there. I am by no means a critic of any importance; I am merely a photographer who wanted to express admiration for your work and display." — Jack B. Rose (Photographer), 12/30/97

"I ... explored your web site extensively and was very pleased.... I really enjoyed your "icy blue" pictures and loved the "double exposure" photo's as well. I didn't really like the formal ones, but I think I didn't like them as well because they were exactly that ... Formal. I love the way you see things, some of your work reminds me of Boris' paintings. I can't quite put my finger on the similarity ... but I think it may have something to do with your models. They appeared to me as very "70-ish". Or maybe it is the "typical body shape" of the women you photographed. I don't mean to be rude by telling you my amateur opinion, I know you didn't ask for it. I guess what I am trying to say is that I share some of your emotions on beauty, but not all." —Tiffany, 12/29/97

"I wandered through your website. Very impressive. I have added a link to your site from mine." — Eric Aherns (Photographer), 12/29/97

"Having recently come back online I was eager to find out what had gone on in your gallery and I must say that I am impressed. The pictures you are ... showing are excellent; I have viewed the New Directions Page and am particularly taken with Icy Blue #3. The way you have used the blue in that photo is superb. The model looks quite young and innocent and I think that the blue enhances this fragility — an icicle waiting to thaw. It's as though you've captured moonlight and cast it over your subject — enchanting I think is the word I would use." — Ian Thornton (UK), 12/26/97

"Great job with your web site. I look forward to returning often." — Larry Bilhartz (photographer) 12/9/97

"Tom, I have been visiting your beautiful Web site. Thanks for sharing it with the world. I especially appreciate your transparency in telling about your own journey of spirituality. I write some poetry and also seek to have honest spirituality in it." — Wayne Leman, 12/5/97

"You are good! I actually had a few tears. Your work is great and your writing is good." — Barbara Westfall, 11/21/97

Tom, very much enjoyed your site; you enjoyment of the pursuit is present in all your work. Beautiful pictures of Ilze; very gentle and generous.... Hope the muses continue to smile on you." — Bill Tanch, 12/12/97

"I just love the photos of Melanie in the "Maenads" series. The photo have a Pre-Raphaelite quality." —Terryann (Photographer), 22.VIII.97

"I think the photos of Melanie are great. They remind me of paintings I once saw in museums by Dutch artists. The use of texture and light is fascinating." — Francine (Photographer), 8/21/97

"The photo"Patti #1" in the "Kiva-light" series is a great shot. She looks like a young Georgia O'Keeffe." —Terryann (Photographer), 8/20/97

"I would like to congratulate you. I think you are on to something [with the "Maenads" series ... you are absolutely correct! And you have captured something that is so rare. "Melanie #1" is probably the best picture I have seen you take in your entire portfolio ... whether you realize it or not ... due to the nature of the material, and the lighting and backdrop you have used. It sets the most beautiful light on your subject ... and it is also in conjunction with her pose ... she is looking down, the light coming towards her ... illuminating the gauze. Tom, do you realize that you have photographed something that I have only seen artists do with oils. And I have a title that suits the image ... at first glance I j\knew she was "The Madonna" (not the singer). Congratulations and kudos. This one is IT!!! Go with this ... it's beautiful." — Roxy (Professional model), 8/21/97

"First of all, the Cherokee Woman is good ... very good.... I like the pose ... and the use of the draping fabric. It is really beautiful. The shadowing around her breasts is wonderful ... not prominent, and not hidden, It gives the impression that the picture is very natural ... and that is a difficult thing to do." — Roxy (Professional model), 8/3/97

"Your work is simply wonderful. The portraits, the Matterhorn ... magical. You capture what is behind the work ... the soul. I felt privileged to be able to peer inside your soul while viewing them. I think that a photographer doesn't just see what the rest of the world see, but experiences it as well. What a gift that is.... You truly capture what lies beneath what we see upon a first glance when we look at someone's face in a photo. It immediately shows what the person is feeling." — Gayle (Photographer), 7/11//97

" I found your images really intriguing; there is a rustic luminescence that radiates from them. I found the colors very atmospheric. I thought the backgrounds complemented the main subjects very well; of course, it does help to have such beautiful subjects! The pictures of Hannah were particularly impressive; simplistic , but with a depth that kept your eye transfixed. I like the contrasting styles where "Hannah's Pearls" is quite open and bare, contrasting with the mystery and fun of "Hannah and the Blue Sash." I think that "Kerrilyn in the Wilderness" is my favorite at the moment; whether it is the color or not, I am not sure, but it is brilliant." — Ian Thornton (UK), 6/15/97

"I must say I really enjoyed your work. I saw your home page and loved the pic "Kerrilyn in the Wilderness" you had displayed. The colorful drape was a wonderful contract to the area and the dismal look upon the subject's face, Kudos. Great work!" — Roxy (Professional model), 5/24/97

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